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We are the indisputable clinical leader in Age Management Medicine.

Each Cenegenics® physician has completed the Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging in Age Management Medicine program, sponsored by the Age Management Medicine Education Foundation (AMMEF), the educational division of Cenegenics® Education and Research Foundation (CERF) - providing our physicians with a specialized skillset to practice this medical specialty.

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Founded in 1997, Cenegenics® established Age Management Medicine and is both highly regarded in the medical community and the indisputable clinical leader in our field. We present a comprehensive, scientific approach to medicine, looking where others usually don’t. Optimal health, not disease, is our primary focus; therefore, we bridge the gap between conventional medicine and scientifically based proactive prevention.

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The Cenegenics® Elite Health Program produces real results with over 35,000 patients worldwide of whom 25% are physicians and their families. Patients who remain on the program experience dramatic changes in their health and vitality:

• Losing weight and increasing muscle tone
• Increasing energy levels and physical vitality
• Improving sex drive and libido
• Boosting focus and mental sharpness
• Improving sleep quality

In fact, a recent internal study shows that our patients reduced their body fat index in their first year by an average of 30%.


Cenegenics® does not subscribe to traditional medicine’s fix-it-when-it’s broken and diagnose-and-treat philosophies. Instead, we offer proactive, preventive medical care, enhancing health rather than waiting for age-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes to appear.


The Cenegenics® Education and Research Foundation (CERF) is a non-profit organization governed by an independent board that champions the way to next-generation medicine.

The Foundation is guided by an elite team of physician educators and researchers. Its mission is to:

  • Conduct research
  • Provide evidence-based education in Age Management and proactive, preventive medicine
  • Support other organizations with similar goals to develop best practice standards in the prevention of age-related disease
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Boost Energy

Perpetually tired? You’re not alone. Energy levels are complex, and identifying the myriad ways we can boost those levels are can be as well.

​Improve Sleep

There are clinical and biological reasons you aren’t getting enough sleep, and controlling your sleep is key to taking charge of your aging.

​Enhance Libido

It’s a well-believed myth that reduced libido is a symptom of aging that you simply have to “live with.” You can reclaim your passion, and we can help.

Lose Weight

Weight gain is the single greatest concern of our members, and while age-related weight gain can be attributed to many factors, our physicians are experts at identifying them.

​Improve Cognition

You can improve your concentration and focus greatly through our comprehensive program including personalized solutions for exercise, nutrition, sleep, and more.

* Based on internal study of the last 200 Cenegenics® Patients completing their first annual re-evaluation, the average body fat percentage declined 30% from the initial evaluation when joining the Cenegenics® program.

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